100 Years in North Omaha!

In 1915, a group of Swedish Lutherans founded Trinity on Ames Street in north Omaha. Our current Sanctuary was built in 1921 at the corner of 30th and Redick streets, across from Miller Park. Our roots run deep into the community - and together with the community we are growing, changing, and responding to the needs around us.

Trinity is a congregation committed to learning her place in the mission of Jesus Christ in North Omaha.  In changing times, she is a 100 year old rock.

The Rock on Miller Park!

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Lyamanyaki Parish

6340 N 30th Street Welcome to Trinity Lutheran Church

Sunday Mornings at Trinity

  8:45 am - Traditional Worship

  9:45 am - Adult Education

  9:45 am - Sunday School 10:45 am - Praise Worship

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