Ministering at Trinity Lutheran Church

Serving since 1983

About Us and Our Staff Pastor Jim Holthus

Willing Workers - Quilting group - Quilts are sewn as a gift to those in need in our community, our nation, and the world.

Men at Work - A group of workers (currently all men, but certainly not limited to men) who gather at Trinity and do the maintenance work that prevents a structure from falling into the earth!

TWELCA - The Women of the Evangelical Church - Helping support world-wide, national, and Nebraska projects.

Serving since 2016

Carri Prusia

Interim Pastor

Office Manager

Serving since 2011

Cindy Hiltgen

Parish Nurse

Serving since 2016

Julie Sandene

Worship Music Leader

Chris Peck

Serving since 2016

Director of Choir and Handbells

Ruth Wood

Serving since 2016

Financial Secretary

Lutheran Volunteer Corp

Lucas Shurson

Serving since 2017