Trinity Lutheran is an active Church

We attend neighborhood association meetings, read to children in the area elementary schools, serve hot dogs and march in the Florence Days parade, provide volunteers for mission organizations like Habitat for Humanity, North High School, Alcoholics Anonymous, Miller Park Elementary events. We offer access to a free little library and so much more! Here at Trinity we believe in Gods Work Our Hands.

Neighborhood Happenings

On the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, the Lyamanyaki Parish serves as part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania.

In a partnership now ten years old, Trinity and Lyamanyaki link hands across the globe to accomplish great things in the mission of Jesus Christ.

Together we have built a pre-school in Lyamanyaki and currently we are working on a milk storage plant which will enable the women of Lyamanyaki to earn some money for their families.  We also visit one another on special trips designed to foster global understanding.

Lyamanyaki Parish

Gods Work Our Hands

Since the making of this video the Niles Congregation has been blessed with their very own facility.