Why are we doing this?

  • Children in the neighborhood schools around us experience a high poverty rate, perhaps the highest in Nebraska.

  • Children in the neighborhood schools live in the area of lowest literacy in the mid-west. (Minnesota, Dakotas, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas and Missouri)

  • Children in the neighborhood schools often do not have their own books.

  • Some children’s parents work two and three jobs to hold their families together.

  • Some children have only one parent who is struggling to hold a job or perhaps attending school to better their lives, and their family’s lives.

Trinity Reads is an opportunity to serve the educational needs of the neighborhood.  Partnering with 6 elementary schools, Trinity provides volunteer readers who help students in First through Third grades learn to love to read!

Students have an enthusiastic volunteer read a book selected by the teacher once each month.  Each student in each class then receives their own copy of that book to take home and keep.  Students are encouraged to read to family members and pass on the love of reading!

Interested in learning how you can help support this program or do you want to volunteer to read?  Click on the Contact Us button above and send us an email!

How to start your own Reading Program