Bringing together the experience of ART in all forms to the community of North Omaha.

This annual festival features a variety of free workshops; musical and artistic performances open to the community of North Omaha.

This free arts festival for the community, by the community celebrates its sixth annual Arts Crawl.  

At venues up and down and around North 30th Street. Take a stroll or drive from Metropolitan College Fort Omaha campus north to various churches to Heartland Family Service/Solomon Girls Center to enjoy inspiring visual art and soothing live music by artists from the community.

Sample the work of established and emerging artists in a wide variety of mediums.

Free refreshments and homemade snacks at each stop.

For more info, email or call 402-502-4669/402-709-1359.

North Omaha native, resident and artist Pamela Jo Berry saw a need for more art to be infused into her community. So she dreamed up something called North Omaha Summer Arts (NOSA) in order to bring art in all its forms into that under served neighborhood. With the help of partners and collaborators she's made it a reality.